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Telehealth Programs

Remotely empowering you to improve all aspects of your health with the support and guidance you need

How it works





Once you have signed up to our program, you will be sent a link which you will receive as an email where you will fill out a simple medical pre-screening form to allow our therapist to get some useful information about you. From here we  will set up a call for our initial assessment and also get you to fill our a service agreement. It will take you about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Pre-screening process


Initial Assessment Phase


Our telehealth assessment can be completed via several different avenues based on your preference. Facetime call through  phone apps such as whatsapp or facebook messenger. Or we can send you a link for ZOOM which you simply open. This face to face telehealth session is a vital part of this intervention as it allows you to have all your questions answered and allows us to build a blueprint for your rehab journey.

Lifestyle programming

At this point you are ready to start the intervention. We have gathered all the information needed and worked through your goals. Now we focus on two components, your routine program and your exercise program. This daily program works like a guideline that will help you get into a healthier routine using science based strategies. We look at sleep, eating habits, incidental exercise, social integration and more.... 




Regular Support

As you work through your tailored program. Questions, setbacks, uncertainties, and any other um and ah moments you have can all be utilised in our messenger component of the app. We will repsond to you as soon as we can to ensure you stay on track and have your program tweaked if need be. Available support is key to progress and helps you feel safe and heard.

Follow up consultations

Your next phone call/telehealth review is about seeing how things went. What worked? What did you struggle with? What did you enjoy most/least? Do we need to stay persistent or need to tweak our strategies/plan. These reviews are designed to fine-tune the plan and keep you on the trajectory of improvement and put at ease anything you are concerned about. These consultations might also be supervised exercise sessions. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Physiapp Program

Okay so now we also implement your personalised exercise program! we use Physiapp which you will download and have full access to your program. This is super easy to use and has many other functions to help us get more information from you such as chat messenger, pain rating, RPE, adherence monitoring,reminders and more...

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Improve every aspect of your health through an empowering treatment therapy  designed to build your independence and quality of life

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