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Pain Management Programs 

Pain can be improved if you can alter how your brain thinks . Pain is an output of the brain, not an input.

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What is pain? 

Pain is a natural protective mechanism of the human body which throughout evolution played a pivotal role in our species survival. In today’s society threats are no longer predators but our response to danger is still the same. Pain becomes unpleasant when becomes a daily barrier, keeping you from doing the things you enjoy. It can alter our behaviour, outlook, mood, thinking and instil fear of movement. Pain is real and we help participants understand the biological causes and mechanisms of pain. We teach how pain protects us, but how it can also debilitate us. Pain doesn’t mean tissue damage. We do not have pain receptors, we have danger receptors and what we believe is ‘dangerous’ influences our bodies security system. We work to break down psychological barriers to create a sense of safety, providing the freedom to gradually move better with time. To influence any change, we need to first become aware of what is happening in the mind and body and only then we can begin to work through these barriers. Many people are struggling with the debilitating symptoms of pain, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 


What is Pain Coaching ? 

Pain-management coaching is an evidence-based approach to pain recovery that gives the participant real tools and strategies for minimizing the life-crushing impact of chronic pain. We use an active approach to empower individuals to work through their issues and build their ‘toolkit’ for pain management. As coaches we so passionate about providing this platform to participants who often feel stuck, hopeless or believe they must live with their pain. Our collaborative program requires time and effort but it’s well worth it at the finish line. Pain coaching and education ensures that participants are better placed to understand pain, for improved wellness, life performance and living a higher quality of life. This intervention is designed to give participants back control over their lives and continue implanting the tools/skills provided to help their recovery


What we Offer?

We take a holistic approach to coaching, incorporating exercise and physical activity,  better sleep hygiene, stretching plans, nutritional advice, better coping mechanisms, diary recording, mindfulness, and graded strategies to look at how these influence pain. Our program consists of a weekly one on one Telehealth session with an experienced pain coach. Participants are  also provided with a pain handbook which are worked through collaboratively each week. Pain levels are recorded and monitored throughout, providing participants with a summary/feedback of their improvements along the way.

Pain Explained Further...

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