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Supporting NDIS

          The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


Our passionate Exercise Physiologist's provide quality care to  those with permanent disability. We work together with participants to achieve common goals. Our mission is to improve quality of life and provide greater independence for our clients. 

As Exercise Physiologists, We provide support to NDIS Participants under the following categories;

-Exercise Physiology 

-Improved Daily Living

-Improved Health and Wellbeing

What Disabilities Can Benefit from Walking Tall Rehab

Autism, Amputation, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Injury, Paraplegia, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Vision Impairments, Hearing Impairments, Intellectual Disabilities, Down’s Syndrome and more.

What Area's Can Be Improved By Exercise Physiology 

Improved strength, Increased mobility and function, Improved quality of life, Improve flexibility/ joint range, Improved  balance and co-ordination, Postural control, Reduced risk of mental health concerns, Reduced risk of co-morbidities such as Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and Obesity, improved confidence and independence.

Exercise Physiology
Occupational Therapy

 Our experienced, kind  and compassionate Occupational Therapist Coby, works closely with clients on physical, psychosocial, sensory or cognitive disabilities.

You may be looking to improve your ability to perform tasks in your home including self-care, access to your community, exploring housing or driving options, home modifications or finding out about assistive technology

An Occupational Therapist Can Help With

  • Functional Capacity Assessments

  • Psychosocial Functional Capacity Assessments

  • Assistive Technology Assessments for specialised equipment prescription

  • Manual Handling training and education

  • Pressure care education and therapy

  • Therapy and rehabilitation

  • Dementia Care and Planning

  • Falls Prevention

  • Home modifications


We know that having the right support worker can make a huge difference to you and your family but it isn't always easy to find the right fit, thats why our goal has always been to pair clients with a support work that feels more like family! We have built a team of only the most kind and caring Support Workers who love what they do! Our support workers work with a wide range of different disabilities, all across Melbourne.

What Area's of Support Do We Offer 

- Social Support

- Personal Care

- Domestic Assistance

- Independent Living



50 Ewart Street

Malvern, 3144


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8/477 Warrigal Road

Moorabbin, VIC 3189

We do more​..
"Exercise is Medicine


Walking Tall Rehab set the bench mark for expertise and professionalism. 


Our accredited Exercise Physiologist's consults from our boutique Malvern studio that exudes a warm and open atmosphere. We also provide home visits to those in need in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne as well as the Mornington Peninsula.


Areas we can help you: ​ 

Return to Work VIC rehabilitation

Chronic disease management

NDIS- National Disability Insurance Scheme

Income Protection

Work Cover

Falls prevention

Diabetes managment

Weight management

General strength and conditioning

Over 60+ health management and function

Pre and Post-operation gym-based strengthening and rehabilitation

Athlete or event specific training

Sports Rehabilitation/Injury Prevention

Promoting active lifestyles
Exercise and lifestyle interventions to improve depression and mental 


Corrective exercises for improved performance and injury rehabilitation

Strength and conditioning for running performance and injury prevention

The following compensable schemes may be accessed with the appropriate referral or coverage.


Medicare - Private Health Insurance - TAC - WorkCover - NDIS  - Department of Veteran Affairs - Income Protection


Under Medicare, if deemed suitable by your GP, you may be eligible for up to 5 rebatable sessions per year with an Exercise Physiologist, which gives a 75% discount per session.

You can utilise your private health insurance and receive up to 85% off each session with an Exercise Physiologist. Call your private health to determine if you are covered for ‘Exercise Physiology’ benefits.

Our Studio

Located in the heart of Melbourne's inner east, our Malvern studio provides a positive and professional experience to our valued clients. We pride ourselves on creating a warm and open atmosphere for people to enjoy.

More Than Meets The Eye 

Walking Tall's equipment is unique because the study of the human mechanics has been implemented into the design of the studio.  Well renowned Biomechanic Mr. Zelko Karac  designed specially made, state of the art equipment to help exert force on your muscles, ligaments and tendons, to improve your bodies functional ability and movement patterns. With resistance machines that are designed ergonomically to enable your body to move and strengthen in a biomechanically advantageous way taking into account angles, levers, external forces, vectors, which all contribute to the effectiveness of exercise prescription with every degree being calculated to suit your body.

Meet The Team


Evan Christodoulou

Walking Tall Rehab Managing Director

Accredited Exercise Physiologist 

Evan's  is a highly-respected practitioner with a reputation for consistently delivering great patient outcomes. Evan's passionate and empathetic nature set him apart from the rest. His clinical skills have been honed working with a myriad of different client types in his own private practice. Over the past few years Evans career focus has been working with Participants of the NDIS to provide greater quality of life and improved independence through tailored exercise, health management and lifestyle programming. Evan reports that watching his NDIS clients gain greater self confidence and independence is the reason he is so easily able to say he LOVES what he does. 

Evan is passionate about building a team of colleagues who share the same passion for NDIS as him and is committed to building his business to help and reach as many people as possible

Evan also enjoys the challenges presented by chronic pain. 

Evan first developed his passion for exercise on the soccer pitch where he developed his illustrious career.  Watching his team mates fall to injury appealed to his compassionate nature and then sparked the desire to assist with recovery. 

Coby Kelly  - Occupational Therapist (OT)


Coby is a committed and experienced Occupational Therapist who graduated from LaTrobe University in 2015. Coby is a curious and open-minded OT with an unstoppable hunger for knowledge! Her driven and ambitious nature has seen her work with wide variety of conditions within the Epworth Hospital such as; Brain Injury, multi trauma, neurological conditions, orthopaedics, cardiac and respiratory, amputee, chronic pain as well as with hand and upper limb conditions. Coby has more recently decided to take on a different type of challenge and is pursuing her dream of working within the realm of disability.


Coby is an excellent and driven Occupational Therapist with a warm, compassionate and empathetic approach that allows her to develop a strong rapport with her clients. Coby reports this to be her favourite thing about her job!


Coby has background in health, wellness and fitness and is a strong advocate for holistic health in the physical, mental and emotional realm, she brings to her daily practice which enables her to achieve ideal outcomes for her clients.


Bonel Obradovic   - Exerecise Physiologist 


Bonel has over 6 years experience working  as a passionate Exercise Physiologist, working predominantly in a clinical and insurance field. Bonel has extensive experience working with physical conditions, mental health, cancer and persistent pain. Bonel utilises a client-centred approach to holistic health, empathetically connecting with his clients to effect change.


He uniquely blends his exercise physiology and rehabilitation provider experience to achieve challenging client life and work goals. In recent years Bonel has shifted his career focus to working with disability and couldn't be happier with the rewards and challenges this role provides. Bonel has worked as a Personal Trainer and Instructor prior to being an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. What he enjoys about this profession is helping and educating people to live a better life and enabling people to return to performing activities of daily living successfully and with greater confidence.


Bonel is also fluent in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and English.

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Private Reformer Pilates Classes

Strengthen, Lengthen, Sculpt and Define

Have you always wanted to try Reformer Pilates?

We offer Private 1 on 1 fitness based classes for all ability levels.

Pilates is an amazing and safe, low impact way to transform your mind and body.  After just a few classes you can expect to feel stronger. Private one on one classes you can fast track your results. Train with Ellie, our experienced instructor, Passionate about all things health and wellness. Our warm and inviting setting is  perfect for anyone new to pilates or perhaps you are a pilates pro wanting to refine your technique or get that extra push.


Classes starting from $50.00 per session.

Packages available!

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Exercise Physiology
Ocupational Therapy
NDIS Support Work
Reformer Pilates
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